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About Sharnay

The company’s well chosen identity demonstrates how proudly it represents its Gujarati values. The brand aptly embodies the lively spirit of Gujarati traditions with its strong, brilliant colour scheme on the logo and packaging, as well as its motto, “Instant Majjani Life,” which highlights premixes and Gujarati culture. By being loyal to its cultural origins, the company’s unique branding sets it apart from rivals.

To put it simply, the approach not only appeals to the Gujarati community but also forges strong bonds with consumers who respect and uphold these principles, developing a distinctive brand identity that transcends goods to celebrate kinship and cultural pride.

food Packaging design

Dive into our showcase of transformative collaborations, featuring Sharnay, a distinguished Premix food brand rooted in Gujarat. Witness our creative prowess in action as we meticulously crafted Sharnay’s visual identity. From the vibrant and culturally resonant logo design to the dynamic product packaging that captures the essence of Gujarati traditions, our commitment to excellence shines through. Explore the seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality in the user-friendly website, meticulously curated catalog, and the strategic impact of our social media marketing campaign. Our work with Sharnay not only positioned the brand uniquely but also exemplifies our ability to craft compelling narratives in the competitive market.

In the pursuit of elevating Sharnay, a distinguished Premix food brand hailing from Gujarat, our esteemed creative design agency undertook a comprehensive initiative. Meticulously honing our design prowess, we conceptualized a vibrant and culturally resonant logo, artfully capturing the vivacity inherent in Gujarati traditions. Our expertise extended to the dynamic realm of product packaging, where we meticulously curated designs that authentically embody the essence of Sharnay’s offerings. Simultaneously, our team crafted a sophisticated and user-friendly website, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. Furthermore, our responsibilities encompassed the creation of an engaging catalogue that adeptly mirrors the brand’s ethos and the implementation of a strategic and impactful social media marketing campaign. This multifaceted approach not only positioned Sharnay as a distinctive entity but also forged a compelling brand narrative, leaving an indelible mark within the competitive market landscape.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities extend beyond design – we are architects of brand narratives. From crafting visually compelling logos that encapsulate identity to designing vibrant and cohesive packaging that resonates with product themes, our expertise is diverse. Websites we create are not just functional; they are immersive e-commerce experiences. Our catalog designs are not mere lists; they are captivating stories. Social media campaigns we orchestrate are not just promotions; they are cultural conversations. At our core, we’re not just a design agency; we are storytellers, weaving narratives that captivate and resonate.

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Logo Design

Sharnay's logo embodies culinary excellence with a sophisticated blend of yellow and blue hues, synonymous with the food industry. The brand's name, elegantly scripted in these colors, is crowned by a distinguished chef's hat, symbolizing culinary mastery. Beneath the name rests the tagline "Instant Majjani Life," encapsulating Sharnay's commitment to providing an instantaneous and delightful culinary experience. This meticulously crafted logo harmoniously unites visual elements, projecting a refined and inviting image reflective of Sharnay's dedication to premium premix offerings in the gastronomic landscape.

Packaging Design

Sharnay's packaging design mirrors the vibrancy and culinary essence captured in its distinctive logo. Harmonizing seamlessly with the overarching food theme, each package showcases a symphony of colors in alignment with the brand's yellow and blue palette. With a diverse product range spanning Sweet, Blended, Soup, and Masala Premix categories, the packaging not only preserves the visual continuity but also communicates the brand's commitment to offering a varied and premium selection of instant culinary delights.

Catalogue Design

Sharnay's meticulously crafted catalog epitomizes creativity and informativeness, seamlessly intertwining with the brand's vibrant packaging design. A carefully chosen base color, a harmonious shade of blue, strikes the perfect balance, mirroring both the blend and contrast found in the packaging. This thematic cohesion not only accentuates the brand's commitment to visual continuity but also underscores the catalog's role as a descriptive narrative. Each page becomes a canvas, creatively and informatively showcasing Sharnay's diverse product offerings, establishing a compelling connection between the brand and its discerning audience.

Website Design

Our e-commerce website design for Sharnay seamlessly integrates with the brand's vibrant packaging and thematic catalog design. Imbued with creativity and rich information, the website serves as a dynamic online platform, allowing users to effortlessly explore and purchase Sharnay's diverse premix offerings. This meticulously crafted digital space not only reflects the brand's commitment to visual harmony but also provides an intuitive and engaging experience, elevating the online shopping journey for patrons seeking instant culinary delights.

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