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The owner of a trademark has the unique right to defend the words, logo, and symbol that together define the brand. You can utilize our trademark registration services to protect your brand.

The ™ symbol is used for unregistered or pending trademarks, while the ® symbol is used for marks that have been officially registered. 


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Kinds of Trademark Registration in India

Similar to a product mark, a service mark identifies a service as opposed to a good. A service mark’s main purpose is to set its owners apart from those who own other advantages. As a result, since trademark applications filed under trademark classes 35 through 45 designate services, they can be categorized as service marks.

These are the symbols, suffixes, or prefixes that are authorized for use either before or after a series of related things.

A sound mark is an audible cue associated with a particular provider’s goods or services. Sound logos, sometimes referred to as audio mnemonics, start and end advertisements.

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What are The Eligibility Criteria for Trademark Registration

Anybody claiming to be the owner of a trademark in India, be it a person, business, corporation, or other legal entity, may apply for a trademark. Within a few days of registration, the trademark application can be submitted and the “TM” symbol is available for use. If the Trade Mark Registry has no objections, the registration process takes at least 6 to 8 months. It might take up to 18 months in the event of an objection. The registered symbol, R, may be used upon trademark registration and the issuance of the registration certificate. A trademark must be renewed on schedule after it has been completed and is valid for 10 years from the registration date.

What are the Trademark Classes?

All products and services are categorized based on one of the 45 trademark classes. When choosing the classes, you need to be very careful because they will impact the trademark’s validity for the goods and services that your business offers. You must ensure that you are able to apply for a trademark under each of the relevant classes if your business offers a variety of products and services that fit into many categories.

In India, some of the most common trademark classes are:

  • Class 30 consists of foodstuffs of plant origin, except fruits and vegetables.
  • Class 9 consists of mobile software (App) and electronics.
  • Readymade Clothing is included in Class 25.
  • Class 35: involves business management and advertising, online retailing or wholesaling, e-commerce.
  • Education and entertainment are included in Class 41.

Documents Needed for Trademark Registration

Applicant’s / Company Name

Business Type

Business Details

Brand/logo/slogan name

Office / Business address

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