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Discover Thames, an esteemed wellness brand inaugurated in 2019 under the umbrella of LD Foods—a brand renowned for its commitment to crafting premium health bars. Our collaboration with Thames, situated in Gujrat, has yielded a seamless integration of design and nutritional excellence. Specializing in an extensive range of offerings, including protein bars, dry fruits, dried berries, and flavored oats, Thames Chocolate epitomizes the convergence of taste and nutrition. With an accomplished team of nutritionists and experts, we present a sophisticated health bar meticulously developed through years of research and analysis.

Each product reflects a dedication to delivering a refined and gratifying experience. Welcome to Thames, where wellness seamlessly intertwines with indulgence.

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In undertaking the redesign of Thames’ product range, our role extended across pivotal facets of creative design. Initially dissatisfied with their protein bar packaging, Thames entrusted us with the comprehensive overhaul of their entire product lineup. Our meticulous approach encompassed distinct categories, including protein bars, dry fruits, dried berries, flavored oats, flavored muesli, and savory seeds. Having inherited a prior design predicament, we endeavored to deliver unparalleled creativity and uniqueness. Each category received bespoke, innovative designs, meticulously tailored to harmonize with its unique attributes. Our commitment to precision and creativity ensured a seamless fusion of design and product specificity, ultimately redefining Thames’ visual identity.

Explore our dynamic portfolio showcasing the transformative collaboration with Thames. Our multifaceted engagement with this esteemed brand encompasses a spectrum of creative design services, including product packaging design, website design and development, and catalogue design. Thames initially sought our expertise to rectify dissatisfaction with their protein bar boxes, leading to a comprehensive redesign of their entire product range. Witness the seamless integration of creativity and functionality in our work, where each category – be it protein bars, dry fruits, dried berries, flavored oats, flavored muesli, or savory seeds – is individually curated with unique, eye-catching designs that resonate with Thames’ commitment to quality and innovation.

Our Capabilities

Discover the depth of our capabilities at DN Designs. We specialize in transformative design solutions, offering expertise in product packaging, website design and development, and catalog design. Our proficiency extends to crafting unique and engaging designs for diverse product categories, as exemplified by our collaboration with Thames. With an adept team and a commitment to precision, we bring creativity and functionality seamlessly together. Explore a spectrum of possibilities as we elevate brands through innovative design, fostering a visual language that captivates and communicates.

Packaging Design

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated realm of Thames packaging design, meticulously crafted to complement each product category within their expansive range. Our approach marries minimalism with creativity, resulting in designs that are not only attractive but also deeply aligned with product characteristics. The judicious selection of color schemes enhances the visual appeal, underscoring the brand's commitment to refined aesthetics. Explore the intersection of thoughtful design and product specificity, as we elevate Thames' packaging to an embodiment of visual elegance and strategic brand representation.

Website Design

Experience the seamless fusion of creativity and functionality with Thames' bespoke e-commerce website, meticulously designed to align with the brand's packaging aesthetics and nutritional ethos. Our platform, a harmonious extension of the brand, is a testament to informed design and creativity. Offering a wealth of information, it serves as an engaging hub where users can effortlessly explore, learn, and purchase products. Immerse yourself in a digital experience that seamlessly mirrors Thames' commitment to sophistication, providing a user-friendly gateway to the brand's world of wellness.

Catalogue Design

Delve into Thames' meticulously curated catalog, a harmonious convergence of creativity and information. Each product is vividly brought to life through descriptive and imaginative narratives, aligning seamlessly with our carefully chosen theme that complements the brand's distinctive packaging design. The catalog serves as a comprehensive guide, artfully presenting each item with a blend of creativity and information. Immerse yourself in the world of Thames through a catalog that is not just a showcase but a narrative, expertly designed to reflect the brand's commitment to both aesthetics and substance.

Display Box

Experience the seamless integration of design and retail functionality with Thames' bespoke display boxes. Crafted for placement in stores, retail outlets, and department stores, each box is meticulously tailored to showcase and house the diverse product range. From protein bars to flavored oats, each product category and flavor boasts its own uniquely designed display box, perfectly harmonizing with our earlier packaging designs. Elevate your in-store presence with these carefully crafted display boxes, a testament to our commitment to marrying aesthetics with retail practicality.

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