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Techniques for Stunning Product Photography: A How-To Guide

One of the best ways to improve your sales is by having intriguing pictures. Pictures are the soul of your product, and good pictures mean better sales. Seems easy, right? But it’s not! Achieving stunning product photography requires multiple steps and demands learning many tips and tricks. But worry not, we’re to walk you through a step-by-step guide to stunning product photography together! Let’s dive in!

What is Product Photography?

 Product photography means clicking pictures of the products to promote them on an online marketplace. It is done to present the product appealingly and showcase its qualities while providing customers ‘whys’ of purchasing your product. 

 The primary purpose of product photography is to highlight your product’s uniqueness to persuade them to buy your product. Photographed with a complete context, product photography aids your customers to make an informed decision. 

Why Product Photography is Important For Your Business?

 Now, you must be wondering what’s the importance of product photography and why you need it. We got you! Product photography is crucial if you own a retail or e-commerce store. A clear picture helps customers make buying decisions since they cannot touch or feel the product, seeing the picture, they must be confident about the product. Here’s why product photographs are important for your business-

 A Better First Impression- As it is said – ‘First impression is the last impression’, the same goes with product photography. A product’s picture is what the customer sees at first therefore, your e-commerce pictures must be neat, clear, and appealing to customers to make a lasting impression.

 Stand Out From The Competition- There are multiple e-commerce stores in the market so what makes you unique? High-resolution perfect pictures help customers see the product, compare it with the various alternatives available in the market, and then choose the best for themselves. Eventually, helping you stand out from the competition.

 Build Trust- From the first sight of your product to the post-sales marketing, good pictures help you build trust in the customer’s minds. Having a high-quality appealing image builds trust at every stage of the purchasing cycle.

 The Base of Your Business- A stunning e-commerce picture is the base of your business. Your product photos inform and persuade your customers in the buying stage. By grabbing the customer’s attention, it helps you improve your sales and eventually forms the base of your business.  

Type of Product Photography

Product photography differs significantly depending on the product you want to showcase, its use, and where it would be published. They can be taken in the natural setting or the studio based on the need. Here are some of the types of product photography- 

 Studio Product Photography 

 As the name suggests, product photography is done in the studios. Photographs are clicked in the studio to promote the brand’s products. Here, the photographer adjusts various distinct factors to make the pictures appealing and intriguing. As it is not creative photography, photographs are taken in the studio all at once to ensure they all look the same.

 White Background Photography 

 White background photography is a popular type of e-commerce product photography since it focuses on the product itself to ensure uniformity. In white background photography, products are placed against the wall to create neat and clean pictures. This type of photography is often used to promote e-commerce products to increase sales.   

 Lifestyle Product Photography

 In lifestyle product photography, products are placed in a real-world setting to help customers understand how they can use the products. This type of photography helps customers visualize the product and make better buying decisions. Common examples of lifestyle product photography include cosmetics products and beverages.

 Close-up Product Photography

 Close-up product photography involves taking high-resolution images by zooming in on the product. This type of photography focuses on the specific aspects of the product to show what’s unique about it. Jewellery is a common example of close-up product photography to emphasize the fine details of the accessory. 

 A Step-by-Step Guide To A Product Photography

 Multiple factors must be considered if you want to get stunning photos for your product. Though it may get a little complicated, don’t worry! Here’s a step-by-step guide to product photography-  

 Begin With The Background

 The process of getting stunning product photography begins with choosing the best background. A good background highlights your product while making it stand out. The choice of background depends entirely on the type of product you want to promote. 

 The right background aids in grabbing your customer’s attention. Commonly, choosing a white background might be helpful in most cases since it emphasizes only the product itself.

 Use The Right Camera

 The secret to e-commerce photography lies in the choice of camera. With many options like Nikon Z 5, Sony α6400, Sony α7 IV, Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark III, and Canon EOS Rebel SL3, you can choose the one that fits your photography needs and budget. 

 Then, you must change the camera’s aperture to around f8 or f11 to focus on your product. Once done, adjust the shutter speed since you will not be dealing with motions. Don’t forget to use the right white balance to get clear and neat product images. 

 Get A Perfect Lighting

 Another key to stunning product photography is getting perfect lighting. Lighting can take your product photography to another level since it can reveal your product’s critical features and eventually aid the customer in their buying decision.

 You can choose artificial or natural lighting depending on what product you want to promote and how. While natural lighting works best for people and foods, artificial lighting is required for the products that are used indoors.  

 Don’t Forget The Tripod

 A tripod is a must for e-commerce product photography since it eliminates the blur that results from your shaky hand. It enhances the photos’ quality and clarity and helps in getting high-quality clear images.

There are two types of tripod you may consider for your e-commerce product photography – traditional and flexible. While a traditional tripod can be used for both smartphone and camera, you can change the setting of the flexible tripod depending upon your needs.

 Shoot Several Pictures

 With e-commerce product photography, you must never settle for less. Shoot several pictures from multiple angles, to get the best pictures. Taking photos from different angles gives customers a complete picture of the product.

 For instance, if you own a footwear brand, click pictures of the footwear alone from different angles. Later, get them modeled on a person and take additional photos with the person’s multiple poses and angles.  

 Trial and Error

 Product photography is a skill that takes years to master, so even if you don’t get perfect pictures for your e-commerce products at first, don’t lose hope! Play with the camera’s setting, lighting, and background, and you will surely make it.

Being a process of trial and error, learning e-commerce product photography takes time, while acing it requires both hard work and effort. Be consistent and adjust the essential factors to get stunning product pictures. 

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 Product photography is one of the most important components of online e-commerce stores. The right choice of camera, lighting, background, and other essential factors can make your product look ‘wow’ and improve your sales and vice versa. If you’re seeking a product photography company in Noida, we would be glad to help you make your e-commerce pictures look professional!