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How a company used video to increase brand awareness by 20%

In this crowded city of Noida a brand agency took on the task of one of their clients to change the brand presence. ⁤⁤The client has a mid-scale retail company which were trying to make an important impression in a highly competitive market. ⁤⁤Even if they had good quality products their brand was not popular so to look into this problem agency decided to use the power of video marketing. ⁤⁤Here’s a example of how they achieved a 20% increase in brand awareness. 

Understanding the Problem

The retail company encountered a number of difficulties to deal with:

Poor Brand Awareness: Despite the company having already been functioning for a couple of decades, new customers weren’t aware of it.

Market Competition: There have been multiple reputable companies that have jammed Noida’s retail sector.

Classic Marketing Methods: The company was dependent on classic marketing techniques which were not achieving the desired results.

The Strategy: Embracing Video Marketing 

Branding agency in Noida suggested a change in video marketing because it would give emotional attachment to  audiences by simply expressing the brand’s unique selling point. This is the way they executed this strategy: 

1)  Identifying the Target Audience

Precisely identifying the intended audience was the initial step and to find out more about the tastes, habits and statistics of potential customers the company conducted a market survey. They discovered young individuals and older people who like buying online and they spend more time on social media.

2) Crafting the Message 

Creating a captivating message which could be appealing to the target demographics was the next step. The agency concentrated upon each of the three primary values that guided the business which were customer happiness, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Their goal was to tell a story that stressed upon these principles and showed the company’s goods in authentic circumstances. 

3) Creating Engaging Video Content

After establishing the message, the agency started with the making of the promotional video. For them keep their audience fascinated, they select to present a number of various content categories such as

  • Product Demos: Brief videos which showcase the characteristics and positive aspects of the organisation’s products. 
  • Customer References: Genuine consumers expressing shared positive feedback. 
  • Behind the Scenes Clips: Clips that provided a peek into the workings of the company and the individuals that developed the company’s image. 
  • Educational Video Content: Videos which offered useful guidance upon the goods helped to establish the organisation as a leader in its field of expertise.
4) Leveraging Social Media

The agency decided to post social media websites as they wanted to make videos available to the public. They concentrated on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook by selecting platforms and taking into consideration the tastes of the target demographics. For maximum reach, they used both sponsored ads and genuine posts.

Implementation and Execution

1) Consistent Posting Schedule

The company made a content timetable that made sure the videos would keep streaming and they constantly showcased themselves on social media by posting new videos daily. This method kept people interested and made it such a way material would be shared. 

2) Interactive Campaigns 

Moreover to increase more audience interaction the agency created various campaigns. For example, they started a contest that inspired consumers to share their own videos while using the brand’s product. This consumer content not only engages but also gets organic references from customers. 

3) Analysing Performance 

The agency looked at the performance of each and every video. They saw different views, likes, shares, and comments on each and every video. This data gave important information of what content connected the most to the audience which allowed them to rethink their marketing strategies. 

The Results 

The shift to video marketing yielded impressive results for the retail company: 

  • Increased Brand Awareness: The company saw a 20% growth in brand popularity. More people got to know about the brand and connected it with quality and they got a sense of trust. 
  • Higher Engagement Rates: The videos received higher audience interaction rates as compared to previous traditional marketing methods. Likes, shares, and comments helped specify that the audience felt the video content was interesting. 
  • Improved Customer Trust: Customer references and behind the footage videos helped gain trust with the people. Watching organic users sharing their positive feedback helped the functioning company which made the brand likely and trustworthy. 
  • Boost in Sales: More individuals know about and being enthusiastic about the company drove an increase in sales. The company gained greater profits as greater numbers of individuals browsed its website as well as actual shops. 
  • Lessons Learned : Businesses that desire to utilise video marketing to improve awareness of their brands may gain several significant lessons from the accomplishments of this campaign: 
  • Know Your Audience: It is essential to understand which audience you are trying to attract by customising the content according to their preferences as well as how they can significantly boost interest. 
  • Craft a Compelling Story: A powerful emotional connect could be built with the audience by means of a well-written message which demonstrates the company’s values and shares a story that individuals can connect to. 
  • Consistency is Key: Regularly posting content keeps the audience engaged and helps maintain the brand’s presence in their minds. 
  • Leverage User-Generated Content: By inspiring customers to share their feedback can give organic references and can increase engagement. 
  • Monitor and Adapt: Continuously researching performance data allows creating new techniques for the market and also makes sure that the content remains up to date and productive. 


By using the technique of video marketing the branding agency in Noida helped the retail company to get a noteworthy increase in brand recognition. This success story explains the power of video content marketing by creating emotional connections, engaging audiences, and also giving growth in business. For companies looking to improve their brand presence video marketing gives an energetic and fruitful solution.